The study of English involves students in reading, viewing, listening to, writing, creating, comparing, researching and talking about a range of text types from the simple to the complex, from texts dealing with concrete and straightforward information to those dealing with increasingly complex and abstract issues and ideas. Our teachers encourage students to explore the meaning of texts and how meaning is conveyed. They introduce critical approaches to the ideas and thinking contained in texts and support students in the development of critical understanding about the ways writers and speakers control language to influence their listeners, readers and viewers.

Standards in the English domain are organised in three dimensions:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking and listening.

This is achieved through

  • Providing opportunities for skill development.
  • Providing an enriched language environment.
  • Promoting a learning environment which will develop a student natural abilities and imagination.
  • Developing student independence, confidence, competence, success and social awareness.

We encourage Parents as Helpers in our classes during our English sessions. Classes from all grade levels run fun and challenging literacy groups, covering all the English dimensions. Our English program incorporates ICT skills and equipment. We also support ESL students with individual learning plans and support.

Each grade is paired with a buddy grade, and engages in weekly reading and literacy activities.
Reading Intervention Programs are designed to assist children in the early years of schooling who may be experiencing difficulty with reading and language. Our school offers student support programs across all levels.

The school celebrates literacy week and book week each year. We also have many students participating in the MS Read-a-thon and the Premiers Reading Challenge