Student Wellbeing

Student Wellbeing is a most important aspect of a child’s time at school. The school caters for the wellbeing of students in a wide variety of ways. In 2014 our school became a Kids Matter school which promotes a whole-school approach that involves all members of the school community – school staff, parents and carers, students and the broader community – building and refining a thriving positive culture where everyone feels a sense of belonging. This means the school is committed to addressing the needs of the school community. It involves looking at what the school teaches in relation to social and emotional learning, ensuring that teaching is interactive and inclusive, building partnerships with families and the broader community that are inclusive and respectful, and reflecting the diversity of the school community in the development of policies and procedures.

It is widely recognised that effective and sustainable interventions in schools occur when a whole-school approach is implemented. Initiatives we incorporate into our curriculum include eSmart, cybersafety, lunchtime clubs, camps and excursions, positive learning environments, excellent recreational spaces, recognised welfare and discipline procedures including Restorative Practice and many extra-curricular activities. In 2016, the school was awarded a grant to enable us to have a Student Wellbeing Officer for the next two year period. This will provide social, emotional and pastoral care for our students and families, particularly those who at times, require specific assistance.